This sleeping bag is perfect for nighttime use by your little one.


Place it over their pajamas to help keep them warm and cozy at night without the risk of having a blanket covering their face.


Its trapeze shape,  diagonal zipper on the frontand asymmetrical straps make the sleeping bag original.


It opens by a zipper at the front to place your baby more easily and closes with 2 snap buttons at the shoulders.


Available in 2 sizes, according to the age of the child:

     - 0-3 months (for newborn)

     - 3-6 months


2 different thicknesses:

    - Quilted and fleece fabric for winter

    - Lightweight organic bamboo fabric for summer and mid-season.


Composition: 100% cotton / Fleece or Organic bamboo fabric

Wash: 30°C / 86°F gentle wash. Tumble dry low heat. Iron as needed.



Personalize your product by choosing your fabric.

In this case, please send a message in the "contact form" section with the fabric or your favorite color. I will be very happy to offer you different fabrics and to customize it for you.

In this case, it might take 1 or 2 weeks to make it.


Important: It is IMPERATIVE to use a sleeping bag suitable for child's age (see the different sizes available).

Zipper and snap buttons must absolutely be tied.


Please note that the sleeping bag is sold without accessories.


Sleeping Bag - Trapeze Shape - Front Zipper