Set of 3 tea bags


Because I am a tea lover and eco friendly, I made these reusable and washable tea bags in undyed and unbleached organic jersey (GOTS certification).


The selected fabric is ideal for this product. It is 100% organic and without any chemicals. It is undyed and unbleached.

The fineness of the fabric ensures rapid tea infusion.

In addition, the mesh and the flap allow perfect retention of tea leaves, even the smallest such as Rooibos.

To prevent it from slipping into the cup, the tea bag is held by an undyed and unbleached cord and a wooden button (the button may vary from one bag to another).



We suggest you offer them with hand-blended loose-leaf teas, made by my friend Stéphanie « Les souks Spices and Teas ». (All hygiene precautions have been followed to avoid the spread of covid 19)

2 kinds of teas:

  • Vanilla Lemongrass (Lemongrass, orange peels, organic apple, organic raisins and vanilla)
  • Snow flakes (Black tea, coconut, vanilla, almonds)


Composition: 100% organic jersey / GOTS certification


    - Tea bag: 2.9" x 3.15"

    - Cord: approx. 4.3"

Wash: it can be soaked in hot lemon water for a few minutes after use and machine washed up to 30°C / 86°F gentle wash.

Note that however, it may remain slightly stained with tea.


Please note that the tea bags are sold without accessories.


Handmade in my workshop in Los Angeles.


Because all of my finished products are handcrafted, you may notice 

slight variations, especially in dimensions (a few millimeters). It is my intention that these variations do not affect the overall design, aspect and functionality.

3 Organic Reusable Tea Bags