This all-in-one makeup pouch is perfect to keep your makeup & brushes organized. Thanks to its coated fabric, it can be washable.


- A zipped makeup pocket to hold your necessities

- 5 brush slots of varying widths, each will hold one large brush or a few smaller ones
- Inner flap closed by a snap button to cover brush heads and keep brushes clean and secure 


Composition: 100% coated cotton


    - Zipped Pouch: 7.87" x 4.33"

    - Depth: 3.54"

    - Flap: 10.62" x 7.08"

    - Pocket 5 compartments: 6.69" x 7.08"

Wash: The coated cotton fabric is washable, inside and outside.

Ensure flap and snap are closed, then wash in cold water and lay flat to dry.


Please note that pencils and makeup brushes are not included with these products.


You like a fabric, a color? You need a different size? Please feel free to send me a message (in the "contact me" section) and I will be very happy to customize it for you. In this case, it might take 1 or 2 weeks to make it.


Handmade in my workshop in Los Angeles.


Because all of my finished products are handcrafted, you may notice 

slight variations, especially in dimensions (a few millimeters). It is my intention that these variations do not affect the overall design, aspect and functionality.

Makeup Pouches