Sustainable, Eco-friendly, Upcycling : Are they not important as we live in over-consumption ?


I offer to you a made-to-order for this handmade tote bag from pre-loved and up-cycled jeans.

22 squares cut in 11 jeans of different colors to make this beautiful patchwork.

Leather handles.

1 back pocket from a jean has become an inside pocket !


Dimensions :

14.9 inches x 14.2 inches

14.9 inches x 22.4 inches with handles


IMPORTANT : Please note that this is a MADE-TO-ORDER. Each bag is UNIQUE. The bag on the picture shows you the design : your bag will keep this same design but the colors and the patchwork will depend on the jeans used to create a bag that meets your expectactions.


You like a fabric, a color? You need a different size? Please feel free to send me a message (in the "contact me" section) and I will be very happy to customize it for you. In this case, it might take 1 or 2 weeks to make it.


Handmade in my workshop in Los Angeles.


Because all of my finished products are handcrafted, you may notice slight variations, especially in dimensions (a few millimeters). It is my intention that these variations do not affect the overall design, aspect and functionality.

22 Square Bag - Upcycled Fabric


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